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Comfort Optimizer
12.99 USD ( monthly per device )

The Comfort Optimizer requires Adobe AIR be installed onto your PC. You can download it for free at http://get.adobe.com/air/

The ORIGINAL mobile application to preform HVAC load calculations, the Comfort Optimizer has been used by HVAC professionals for over a decade on different mobile devices.

The Comfort Optimizer is built for today’s Retail focused Residential HVAC companies. It arms you with a simple and fast way to do Load Calculations; either room by room or whole house/block Loads. Used by thousands of professions across the USA and Canada for more than a decade, the Comfort Optimizer is the best tool to use for Residential HVAC Load Calculations.

Feature highlights:
1. Easily calculate either Whole House or Room by Room loads.

2. Able to set defaults for all building components saving time while inputting the load information

3. Input information from blower door testing and duct seal testing to provide a more accurate calculation for BPI services.

4. Detailed summary reports are easily emailed

5. A Standard residential home can be completed in 15-20 minutes

The Comfort Optimizer is also approved/accepted by utility companies around the country, including TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority), PG&E, Puget Sound Energy and many others. It is also used by the State of Utah’s Weatherization program to preform audits of HVAC installations.

Hear what our users are saying:
—Gelber & Sons, Inc. Uniondale, NY
“The Comfort Optimizer product has paid for itself time and time again. It was one of the best investments I have made.”
“Using the Comfort Optimizer, I am separating myself from my competitors and regularly winning jobs because of it.”
“My customers feel comfortable doing business with me, because I am the only company that does a load calculation to ensure correct equipment sizing.”

NOTE: The Comfort Optimizer requires an activation code to run the application and is Free to Opportunity Manager ESA clients. If you have lost your activation code or need new ones, you can get them at our website. www.OpActive.com

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